Join as a Mentee

Mentorship program is an effective mode to develop abilities required to be a successful professional. It increases person’s ability to handle the challenges and perform more effectively. Person whether belongs to research/ sales/ market/ business/ production or other, whether studying or professional, whether married or single, whether belongs to develop or developing country or belongs to any circumstances needs to have at-least one mentor who guide and support your personal and professional growth.

Mentorship program should be embraces by individual as well as by the organization

Benefit for an individual

  • To increase your self-confidence
  • To take better control of his/her career
  • Learn how to speak-up and heard
  • Learn how to accept feedback and improve interpersonal relationship skill
  • Receive networking contact relevant in the area of your work
  • Understand unspoken rules of your organization

Benefit for an organization

  • To promotes a sense of cooperation and harmony within the organization
  • Develop a positive work environment and portray the organization as it value its employee
  • Foster leadership and loyal employees
  • Implement best practices

 Application form for Mentee – Individual/Organization