The ATPBR offers range of professional courses, advanced training, workshop, mentorship, student exchange, communication, conferences, job-fairs, farmer’s meet, breeder’s meet and other activities and enable scientists, researchers, academicians, government groups, students, farmers, and industry personnel etc from various agricultural disciplines to meet and discuss their common interests in teaching, research and entrepreneurship.

ATPBR provides a platform to have coaching for agility and innovation through various ATPBR’s Association Program.  By joining ATPBR’s association, you/your organization built the confidence to perform better in their existing/future job with a clear pathway for their career advancement.

Since, agriculture is a women deprived sector in India, ATPBR encourages women professionals to come forward and attract more women to join the agriculture workforce. The ATPBR existing policies for women are:

  1. Subsidized rate to become associate members
  2. Reserved slot (20%) for women speaker at ATPBR’s annual conference
  3. Preference given to women candidates for courses/training specifically designed for Associate members

Amendment in the membership criteria is a regular practice as per market demand.