Agriculture is the main source of livelihood to more than half of India’s workforce but yet most backward domain in India. Introduction and embracement of technology can address several challenges and bring diverse business opportunities. However, technology transfer, customization and capacity building requires continuous source of motivation, manpower, and resources to keep the momentum and sustain the activities in a longer run.

There is a crucial need of investors / sponsor to make a paradigm shift in agriculture sector from deprived and unprivileged to a business oriented domain.

The ATPBR make a solicitation to resourceful person to come forward and help young generation to build their dream a reality. You can contribute to create disruptive solution to achieve food security as being investor or by supporting scholarship scheme

 As an investor, you can support any start-up initiative by providing necessary early stage risk capital which usually a hard stage for an entrepreneurs to achieve.

 As a sponsor, you can provide scholarship to passionate people to earn the training and help them to achieve the excellence. If you want to contribute in a longer run, scholarship can be started with the name of yours or your beloved one.


Sponsoring is solely a volunteer job, but you receive several benefits as enlisted below:

  1. During annual meet, you will receive a decent honorarium, cost of registration and travel will be paid by the ATPBR and also a slot will be reserved for a talk for those who contributed extraordinary as a mentor
  2. Networking opportunity from internationally renowned professionals

Your contribution may not cost you much but definitely hold a gigantic opportunity for changing the career path of young mind to become an entrepreneur, researcher or industrial leader.

ATPBR’s Sponsorship Program

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