Referral program

Plant breeding is a profession of compassion. Beyond the knowledge and technical expertise, a plant breeder requires flexibility, patience and a passion for plants. It is vital for a breeder to have good understanding of what farmers are expecting in their field and then work constantly to meet the demand. Working as a breeder is very diverse but also rewarding when you see your variety growing across the area and bringing smile on farmer’s face by fulfilling their requirement.

There are several passionate & potential plant breeders in/or around our surrounding and they can contribute to make a difference in our farming community if given a chance to excel their competencies.

To attract more of such candidates, ATPBR has started ‘Referral Program’ which incentivize those who bring passionate people to be benefited from ATPBR’s offered programs. You can refer to your students, employee, friend, neighbor or any one you find compassionate for plants and willing to have career in plant breeding or related domain.

As an inducement, you will be given a decent honorarium along with a certificate of appreciation.

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Phone: +91 8793988121