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Join as a Mentor

There are experts in public or private sector who have spent their whole life working in the area of plant breeding or related domain. The level of experience they hold would be immense and incomparable to any class room training. Those experts are the asset to the plant breeding community. Some experts may be still serving some cause while other may be waiting for their chance.

Now, here is the chance!

The ATPBR make a solicitation to experts to come forward and help young generation to build their dream a reality. You can contribute to create disruptive solution to achieve food security.

As a mentor, you can help giving strategic advice on expertise and merit of networking to overcome career relate challenges. Your suggestion could immensely help young professional to excel in their domain, and budding entrepreneurs to settles in the competitive world by tackling common challenges usually occur in their entrepreneurial journey.


A person who is retired or working as a breeder, professor, company founder/CEO, seed technologies, lab expert, or any other profession from public or private sector could add value to strengthen seed value chain, are eligible to contribute as a mentor.

How you can contribute:

Depends upon need and convenience of mentor and mentee, mode, frequency and content of the communication can be set forth.

What you can contribute:

Depending upon the need of the mentee, domain for improvement could be technical or non-technical as few examples are enlisted below:

  • How to set-up a new business
  • How to deal with challenges while working on a breeding program
  • How to enter into a new domain with negligible experience
  • How to tackle general challenges in a career pathway and lead to a brighter future
  • How to influence other and make a right decision
  • How to be motivated to reach the target of career
  • How to be influential


Mentoring is solely a volunteer but you receive several benefits as enlisted below:
  • During annual meet, you will receive a decent honorarium, cost of registration and travel will be paid by the ATPBR and also a slot will be reserved for a talk for those who contributed extraordinary as a mentor
  • Networking opportunity from internationally renowned professionals

Your contribution may not cost you much but definitely hold a gigantic opportunity for changing the career path of young mind to become an entrepreneur, researcher or industrial leader.