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RIM Services


'Foundation for Advanced Training in Plant Breeding' (ATPBR), a non-profit organization, among its several objectives, aims to strengthen capacity building in agriculture-related subjects in general and, plant breeding in particular. As a collective -partner conglomerate, ATPBR, is a leading organization in India aiming to nurture personnel and institutional capabilities as per the current needs and formulate strategies to develop effective crop improvement programs and essential human resource skills to enhance sustainability in agriculture.

What is ATPBR's RIM Service

ATPBR offers RIM (Recruitment, Induction and Mentoring) Services to Seed Companies and other institutions involved in the application of Plant Breeding science, to source and develop appropriate plant breeding talent to meet the professional necessities and standards. ATPBR has access to both potential and performing plant breeders. ATPBR RIM is a service package of support to source the right talent for the seed industry, assist in the induction process and mentor the recruits during the initial stages for adapting well with the company. RIM is offered at a nominal fee to meet the service costs.

Why ATPBR's RIM Service

Seed Industry in India and the public plant breeding research Institutes are the main users of professional Plant Breeding talent. The Industry needs the best of the plant breeding talent on a regular basis to stay competitive. ATPBR is regularly and routinely training Potential Plant Breeders (who have completed Plant Breeding education and are aspiring to take up Plant Breeding jobs), or Practicing Plant Breeders (who are currently working either in public or private sectors in professional roles). ATPBR has a clear understanding and knowledge about the type of professional human resources needed and their availability. RIM is offered on a nominal fee-for service basis. The RIM service in 2021 is managed by Drs. Aparna Tiwari, Suren Tikkoo, Sharan Angadi, M J Vasudeva Rao, P M Nanjappa and A R Sadananda. Each one has close to four decades of experience in managing plant breeding in a business environment and managing human resources in public and private sector. Services of other advisers-mentors, as and when needed, will be enlisted.


For Seed industries: Companies/ Institutions interested in availing RIM services can contact -

For Candidates: Potential candidates fresh graduates and post graduates from the universities looking for a first job and those already working in public or private sector with certain roles and responsibilities but looking for a job shift to boost their career in the area of plant breeding are encouraged to register profile at
Fee for profile registration is Rs. 500 + GST = 590 /- (administration cost).
After profile registration, you can share your CV at which will be evaluated, and the selected candidates will be invited for the interview.
Profile registration does not guarantee a job interview and employment prospect but ensures that your CV will be evaluated by the experts for any future jobs posted on the ATPBR platform.