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ATPBR Awards

The Foundation for Advanced Training in Plant Breeding (ATPBR) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization, whose goal is to strengthen plant breeding research-for-development (R4D) capacity in India. ATPBR aims to create a conducive ecosystem by bringing together knowledge and skill-based organizations and experts on a common platform and facilitate interventions for organizing joint capacity-building courses, joint research projects and co-incubation practices to promote technology entrepreneurs and global research leaders to support a viable seed industry.


Last date for Nomination

ATPBR aims to:
  1. Be a platform to facilitate and catalyze public and private partnerships in the seed industry
  2. Sensitize people to appreciate and value the importance of plant breeding research for a vibrant seed industry
  3. Promote global partnerships in the seed industry through capacity building via research-for-development
  4. Nurture young plant breeders through upgradation in use of cutting-edge technologies, via a global network of experienced scientists
  5. Aspire to be the leading plant breeding research, and capacity building center

Considering that plant breeders rarely get recognized (as their main contributions are improved varieties and hybrids, compared to high impact research papers or technologies or patents of scientists in other disciplines), Starting from 2020 onwards, ATPBR has instituted ATPBR Achievement Awards in the Seed Industry to deserving plant breeders and seed technologists who have made significant contributions to the seed industry.

Awards are under the following three categories:
  1. Lifetime Achievement Award in Plant Breeding
  2. Outstanding Women Achievers in Seed Industry Award
  3. Excellence in Seed Industry Award (both Individuals or Institutions)

ATPBR is inviting nominations of possible candidates for the 2023 Awards from Institutions/ Seed Companies. Nominations could also come from Seed Associations or such other entities. Nominations could also come from Seed Associations or such other entities. Each nomination should carry support/ recommendations from two other entities (institutions/ companies).

Please note that nominations from individuals will not be entertained.

The following general criteria needs to be considered during selecting individuals for nominations:
  • Candidates should have at least 2 decades of experience in developing and releasing improved crop varieties/ hybrids or worked in the seed industry.
  • Basic criteria for categories 1 and 2 to include number of varieties/ hybrids developed, Spread/ Popularity of varieties, measured in terms of area covered/ Seed sales/ Market share/ Quality parameters/ Farmer adoption and Impact on farmer’s field.
  • Criteria also include number research papers, new innovations, improved methods/ technologies, IPRs, patents, PVP/ germplasm registrations, etc.
  • Criteria for Category 3 (Excellence in Seed Industry) includes people/ companies who are unsung heroes/ Companies for a long period (minimum 20 years), who have used innovative approaches/ technologies, and shown vision and leadership in the seed industry.
  • Last date to submit the nomination: September 30, 2022
    A. For (i) Lifetime Achievement and (ii) Woman Achiever in Seed Industry
  1. Number of Varieties/ Hybrids Released/ Developed (Give Table (s), if needed)
  2. Number of Varieties/ Hybrids Adopted by farmers (with names and area cultivated at the peak of adoption)
  3. Extent of adoption of varieties/ hybrids (Number of Hectares) OR Estimate based on Quantity of Seed Sales year wise or Cumulative, compared to the competitor varieties/ hybrids
  4. Economic Benefit to farmers/ country (Crores of Rupees over the period since release) OR Popularity Charts vis-a-vis other competitor varieties/ hybrids
  5. Degree of difficulty in breeding variety/ hybrid (based on the crop's earlier efforts/ research)
  6. Number of Innovations/ New Technology developed/ used (Give Table, with details)
  7. Number of Publications/ Awards/ Honors/ Recognitions (with details of Awards/ Honors received). List top 10 publications.
  8. Leadership Demonstrated ( provide details of senior leadership positions/ responsibilities undertaken)
  9. Development of unique germplasm impacting broader issues and the extent of translational research using new knowledge/ technologies to bring out transformation in a crop
  10. Number of accessions registered with PPV&FR or other germplasm repositories
  11. Any other significant contribution/ achievement that the candidate considers had major impact on the seed industry
    B. Excellence in Seed Industry
  1. Unsung Hero/ Company for a long period (Number of years)
  2. Challenges faced in establishing the Company/ Industry (provide brief description)
  3. Innovative approaches/ technologies used- Candidate/ Proposer to mention what is done
  4. Novel products/ Services provided - Candidate/ Proposer to mention what is done
  5. Demonstrable Vision and Leadership- Candidate/ Proposer to give brief details
  6. CSR and Philanthropy (Number and amount of money spent) - Candidate/ Proposer to mention what is done and its impacts on society/ industry
  7. Business ethics and Moral values of individual/ Company- Candidate/ Proposer to mention what is done
  8. Extent of company's product penetration in the international markets (with examples and data)
  9. Contribution towards increased employment generation in the seed industry.

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