5F Farming – Conference

Theme: Crop Improvement for 21st Century

Current agriculture scenario is challenged by the need to build-in climate resilience while increasing sustainable production of high quality Food, Feed, Fibre, Fuel and Fine chemicals (5F). Plant breeders and crop improvement technologists are continuously engaged in judiciously combining innovation with traditional practices to achieve these ends. Some of the key considerations for developing Crop Improvement strategies for 21st century are:

  • New Technologies that augment breeding strategies to deliver precise and speedier results

(genomics, fast breeding tools, gene editing)

  • Nurture to realize Nature’s potential – Agronomical interventions for improved productivity

at small farmer level

  • Addressing farm labour challenges – Automation suitable for small farmers
  • Address marketing challenges of the small farmer
  • Policy, Skill & Infrastructure development for a secure Agricultural future

In all these areas, technological intervention is the key driver for the genetic improvement of crops. In this Conference, outstanding keynote and invited speakers will review the recent developments of enabling technologies, evaluate best management practices to address agronomy/ nutrition/pest management issues, recommend farm automations to empower small-scale farmers for high productivity, dissect the existing supply chain management to address marketing related challenges faced by the grower, and formulate the strategies to strengthen plant breeding capacity This conference will also provide a platform to professionals,  students and other stakeholders a networking opportunity and to learn from each other.

Conference Program

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